Meet Dr Meg Green

Dr Meg Green and Family

 Dr. Meg Green is an award-winning veterinarian and business strategist. She has a diverse background and consistent record of accomplishments in both clinical practice, as well as, in the Animal Health Industry.  But at heart, she is a fun loving, energetic, and creative entrepreneur who loves to dance, talk, and sing out loud.  She is also a wife to her loving, patient, and supportive husband, Scott; and, a mother to her "mini-me", Taylor, who loves all girl accessories & most importantly Unicorns!  

Dr Meg Green at Work

  Being an Equine Veterinarian, Dr. Green is used to working in a fast paced environment where there is high risk & high reward, and inconsistent execution can lead to catastrophic results if one is not properly prepared.   

Educators versus Communicators

 The same challenges hold true in business: the dynamic change in the marketplace, the evolution of meeting both internal and external customer needs and expectations; and if you do not adapt quickly, it can put your business at risk. Through her motivational teaching, coaching, and training Dr. Green is able to connect with her diverse audience on a personal level and leave them inspired to take action to become a better version of themselves.