Speaking & Work Shops

Dr Meg Green receiving prestigious award

Connecting Goes Beyond Words

In this  inspirational keynote, Dr. Meg shares the fundamental principles of communication that have helped her to become a successful practitioner, as well as, a gifted motivational teacher & coach throughout her career. This highly popular keynote will challenge, inform, and inspire you and/or your team to move to deeper levels of communication. More importantly, Dr. Meg offers practical action steps for audiences that can produce both short-term and life changing results to allow you to grow both personally and professionally.  

Don't Leave Your Dream to Chance

It's one thing to have a dream - another to do the things to achieve it. As a veterinarian, corporate executive, wife and mother, Dr. Meg knows first hand the challenges of navigating the many demands of daily work-life balance.  In this inspirational talk, Dr. Meg will inspire you to believe in yourself, be persistent and utilize your network to look beyond your circumstances. 

Pathway to Profitability Workshop

In a challenging economic environment, remaining relevant remains a key fundamental to the survival of your organization or business.  In this energizing workshop Dr. Green will share the following:

  • The importance of working on your business, your brand, your customer experience & being committed to it regularly 
  • The Power of Transparency in your business 
  • How an experimental mindset can can be transformational in your business
  • Connecting with internal and external customers

Previous Clients

  • American Association of Equine Practitioners
  • American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians 
  • Animal Health International 
  • Henry Schein Animal Health
  • Girl Scouts 
  • MWI Animal Health 
  • National Institute for Animal Agriculture 
  • Patterson Veterinary Supply 
  • Young Riders 
  • Nucleus Regenerative Therapies 
  • AABEX Animal Health 

  • Merial
  • Idexx 
  • Vetinsure 
  • Auburn University 
  • Berry College 
  • Colorado State University 
  • Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine 
  • Tufts University 
  • Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Tennessee 
  • Western Veterinary College