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Too many leaders, teams, and organizations are simply stuck.  They spend countless hours working in their business being busy with the day to day operation, but limiting the amount of time they are working on strategies to take action & reach their potential.  That's where Dr. Meg comes in. 

She is an innovator in every sense of the word -  her proven ability to think strategically, leverage relationships, and implement programs that drive organizational growth, efficiency, and profitability are second to none.

Dr. Green has experienced the 360 degree view of the Animal Health landscape.  She is uniquely qualified in understanding the fundamentals of what it takes to be successful both as a Veterinarian & Professional in the Animal Health Industry.  She has over a decade of experience practicing veterinary medicine in both private practice and corporate practice with time spent working at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital (often referred to as the "Mayo Clinic of Equine Practice), as well as Banfield Pet Hospital. Additionally, she has also worked  for one of the world's leading Animal Health companies as a Technical Services Veterinarian being a trailblazer in the world of Animal Health, and seeking out ways to improve patient care and outcomes.  Furthermore, she has leadership experience as a Regional Sales Manager, working for one of the top Animal Health distribution companies in the world, where she played an integral part of implementing sales strategy and initiatives across vendor partners; all while, successfully coaching her team to implement these solutions to assist veterinarians to increase efficiency and profitability within their practice. 

Dr. Green currently has her own consulting business, Evergreen Resource Solutions. LLC, where she works with innovative Animal Health Companies, as well as, with Veterinarians in private practice and university settings to challenge the status quo, inform & inspire them to move to higher levels of performance and operational excellence.